Living Words

About us

There are three main strands to Living Words:

1) Working with individuals who have dementia – creating poetry, personalised word books and anthologies.
2) Working with staff in care homes / hospitals and family carers – improving wellbeing through creative expression and reflection; individually tailored approaches.
3) Creating our own work to be visible in the arts and wider media to challenge perceptions of dementia, to increase understanding and to promote integration.

Working with people with dementia and isolated and disempowered people, Living Words supports free speech and expression. The work enables individuals to feel heard and understood, even when communication seems lost.

Our work directly affects care plans, to improve the day to day wellbeing of those we work with.

Living Words has been working in art centres, care homes, day centres, libraries, hospitals and theatres since 2007

Our ultimate mission is for a society that recognises the value of all people effected by dementias, and other isolated peoples... And to have Living Words present in care homes across the whole of the UK! As Muriel said last week, on receiving her Living Words book 'Yes. I have to get the words out, they have to be listened too - otherwise they are backed up in me, like parked cars!'

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